Farewell Lunch of WU program

On May 31th, Tianshu PAN, Jianfeng ZHU, May ZHANG from our school and Zhijun MU from WU program in shanghai held a completion lunch for WU students. Students chatted about their study experience in shanghai and plans for their future over dinner. Students received memorial gifts from our school and took photos with teachers after...

Farewell Lunch of BU program

On May 30th, the ceremony of completion of BU program that is the farewell dinner for BU students was held with staff from BU program in Shanghai and Chinese Language teachers attending. BU students received memorial books and clothes from our school.

Professor Carolyn visits our school

On May 22nd, Mr. Carolyn, vice dean of medical school of Washington University in St. Louis visited our school. Carolyn had a discussion with Jianfeng ZHU on the construction and cooperation of courses on the morning, and had lunch with Jim Wertch, vice president of Washington University in St. Louis and Tianshu PAN from our school. They had a deep and...

Lecture on The Disparity and Bearable Increase of income in Asia

Date: May 22nd 2013 The chief vice economist of Asian Development Bank Mr. Juzhong ZHUANG gave a lecture on The Disparity and Bearable Increase of income in Asia, which attracted many students to attend.

Tour to Huang Mountain

From May 17th-19th, 14 students from Edvance program and WU program had a tour to Huang Mountain. A series of activities including visiting the picturesque Jade valley, climbing grand Huang Mountain and visiting Hong village allows them to have a chance to experience the natural beauty of China.

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