CSC has launched the 2015 recruitment

CSC (China Scholarship Council) has launched the 2015 program already, for more information, please download the files from A promotion will be held at 18:00 next Monday, 15th of December, in Room 202, East Guanghua Building. Pop in if you’re interested.

接研究生院“关于做好2015年国家公派研究生项目选派工作的通知”(研通字[2014]54号),2015年国家公派研究生项目工作已经启动,具体文件请见段末下载链接 感兴趣的同学可于12月15日(下周一)18:00参加在光华楼东辅楼202报告厅研究生院召开的宣讲会。


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