Between July 6 and August 1, 2014, the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University will offer a series of seven intensive, academic summer courses to international students at the advanced undergraduate level. Courses will have a duration of two weeks and will all be be taught in English by an international team of prominent lecturers. These courses are offered as part of SSDPP's partnership with the China Europe International Summer School, or CEISS. CEISS is a collaboration between Fudan University, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), Utrecht University (the Netherlands) and Edvance Education International, that aims to provide short-term mobility opportunities to Chinese, European  and other international students that will allow them to gain a truly international perspective on the world's main economic, social and political trends and developments, and the way they impact on the economies and societies of China and Europe. 
Courses offered at Fudan University will include:
  • Dynamics of the Chinese Economy (July 7 – July 18, course director: Dr. Shen Ke)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe and China (July 7 – July 18, course director: Dr. Hein Roelfsema)
  • Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management in China ((July 7 – July 18, course director: Dr. Nathan Wang)
  • Politics, Public Policy and Social Change in China ((July 7 – July 18, course director: Prof Peng Xizhe)
  • Law and Economics: Competition, Regulation and Business Ethics in Europe and China (July 21- August 1, course director: Dr. Anna Gerbrandy)
  • Chinese Financial Markets and RMB Exchange Rate Reform (July 21 – August 1, course director: Brian Schwartz)
  • China, the US, Europe and the Rise of Asia (July 21 – August 1, course director: Prof Hans Bertens)
In addition to these courses in Shanghai, students of the China Europe International Summer School will have the opportunity to travel to Europe to take a series of related summer courses at the partner universities in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, providing them with a unique and affordable study abroad experience.
For more information and for registrations, please visit the website of the China Europe International Summer School 


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