Dean of UCI visited SSDPP

On Sept. 13, Dean of Social Sciences at the University of California Irvine, Professor Bill Maurer visited our school. Then Prof. Bill Maurer had a visit to Rhizome Cultural Development Co. Ltd., a company founded by a graduated anthropology student of our school. Rhizome is a company that focuses on the method the anthropology and data science, using the perspectives of social science, such as sociology and psychology, to decode the reality behind the phenomenon, and break the rampart between humankind and data. Experts from China and abroad confronted theory and practice in an interdisciplinary way.


On Sept. 15, Prof. Bill Maurer gave a lecture in Guanghua Building to our school: The “Africa Stack”: Why the payments road to China and India runs through Africa, or, Setting the Agenda for Digital Finance? And the lecture gain popularity among students.

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