Departments and Institues

Founded in 2004, the School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP) is one of the most energetic and international schools in Fudan University. 

The school has more than 60 full-time faculty members and  800 undergraduate and graduate students 10% percent of our students come from other countries such as United States, Canada, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Brazil and Mexico.



The Department of Sociology is one of the leading sociology departments with a long history in China. Its former faculties were among the founding fathers of Chinese sociology.  The department is currently a major research center of sociology in the country.

The department currently offers undergraduate programs in sociology, master’s programs in sociology and cultural anthropology, and doctoral programs in sociology.  The Sociology Department has 20 full-time faculties, including 11 professors and 4 associate professors. In addition, it has 2 distinguished advising professors, 3 honorary professors and several visiting professors from oversea universities. Professor Liu Xin is the Chair.

The department is particularly strong in sociological theory and methodology, social inequality, community-based research, economic sociology, culture and religious practices, and Shanghai studies. The Department has actively engaged in scholar exchange and the collaboration with the leading academic institutions worldwide.

The academic programs prepare the graduate students with a solid academic foundation.  Studying is based on a balance of formal instruction, faculty supervised and self-initiated research work. Its graduate study further emphasizes on the studying in theory and methodology to prepare the students with the ability to communicate with the international academic community and to conduct the comparison studies.  



Before officially founded in 2004 as the Department of Social Work, the faculty cluster within the Department of Sociology had been teaching and offering degree programs in social work since 1994.  The Department of Social Work c offers programs for undergraduate (BA in Social Work) and graduate (MA in social work) studies, as well as the Masters of Social Work (MSW) program. The department has ten faculties. Ms. Sha is the Executive Deputy Chair of the Department. The core research areas  are clinical social work, health social work, family servive and family therapy, evaluation of social services, management of nonprofit organizations, and standardization of supervising and training.  The Department has collaborated with universities and institutes around the world on multi-culture and inter-regional social work research projects over the years.  Through its involvement in state and local policy making and strategic planning process as well as routine exchanges with international collaborators, the Department of Social Work has become one of the leading social work training and research institutes in China.



Founded in 1923, the Department of Psychology was once home of the founding fathers of Chinese psychology. Its early graduates were among the first cohort of internationally renowned Chinese Psychologists.

The Department of Psychology currently has fourteen full time faculties. Professor Sun Shejin is the Chair, The department is leader in experimental social cognitive psychology, applied psychology, analytical psychology and Chinese culture, and post-modem psychology.

The department offers an undergraduate program in psychology leading to a B.S. degree, an M.S. program in Psychology, and a joint program with the Department of Sociology at the doctoral level in Social Psychology and Recognition.



The Department of Social Management and Social Policy was founded in 2004. The Department offers an undergraduate program in public management, a master program in social security, and a doctoral program in social management and social policy The Department presently has 10 full-time faculties, with 3 professors and 5 associate professors Professor Chen Jahua is the Chair, The faculty are undertaking a series of leading research projects sponsored by the state & local government, domestic & international academic funding agencies. The Department is leader in the fields of labor and social security, social policy planning, public security, poverty, government evaluation, energy and sustainable development.



The Institution of Population Research was established with the support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 1979 and is now one of the leading population research centers in China and East Asia. The institution offers doctoral and master’s degrees in Demography, and Population Resources and Environmental Economics. The Institute has recruited leading researchers worldwide and has a group of distinguished full-time and part-time faculties from renowned universities and research institutions in China and abroad. The core  research areas include population and development, gerontology, population migration and urbanization, urban and regional development, global environmental change, and population, resource and environmental economics.

The institute has collaborated intensively with the renowned research institutes in the United States, Japan, Britain and Norway. Professor Wang Guixin is the current Director of the Institute.


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