Edward O. Laumann

Edward O. LaumanEdward O. Laumann received his Ph.D. in Sociology from HarvardUniversity, Cambridge, Mass. Prof. Laumann is George Herbert Mead Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago. He has acted as the editor of the American Journal of Sociology, chair of the department of sociology, dean of the division of social sciences, provost of the University of Chicago, Referee of European Research Council, and is currently the director of the OgburnStoufferCenter for Population and Social Organization. Prof. Laumann's many research interests include research on human sexuality among older Americans, cross-nationally (in 29 countries and in China), sexuality in urban places, the spread of sexually transmitted infections vis sexual networks, subjective well-being, quality of life, and health status, social networks in various social contexts, and the urban legal profession. Laumann's current research projects include the National Survey of Sexual Practices in China (Co-Principle Investigator); the National Social Health and Aging Project, which surveys 3000 men and women aged 57 to 85 in the U.S. (Co-Principle Investigator); analyst for the Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behavior, a survey of 27,500 men and women 40 to 80 years of age in 29 countries around the world; and a 20 year followup study of the legal profession in Chicago (Co-Principle Investigator).

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