Farewell Friends and Hope to see you again!

As New Year is approaching, the international classes and programs at SSDPP of the year are coming to an end in the middle of December. At this time of goodbye, the Foreign Affair Office held several farewell meals for students of different programs. Student representatives concluded their experiences and gaining in China, and expressed their gratitude for teachers and FAO. The office also expressed thanks for their cooperation and best wishes for future.



On 12th Tuesday and 14th Thursday, we had farewell lunches sequentially with EMA students and exchange students from Trinity College. On Friday, we said goodbye to two groups: students of CCSP from Europe and Washington University in St. Louis.




Our cooperation with WUSTL included learning Chinese, travels, pre-medical internships in clinics and anthropology fieldwork classes, which made it complicated and concerning many aspects of students and staffs. We invited the students as well as their teachers and buddies to the lunch. Before it started, we showed their photos in all activities in the semester, which moved many of them. During the lunch, Prof. Tianshu Pan issued their certificates of completion, and the students wrote thank cards to the clinics where they had internships. They also had reluctant goodbye with buddies and Chinese teachers.



In the next week we caught to say good bye to students from Boston University and National University of Singapore before the Christmas. We wished them a happy New Year and further progress in the future.


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