Happy Buddy Plan

On April 26, 2016, SSDPP organized a lunch party for students who join in Happy Buddy Plan in Wenke Building. Happy Buddy Plan is a plan to motivate Chinese students and International Students to communicate with each other and learn from each other so that they can enrich their experience in different cultures. In the party, there are some interesting celebrations to students whose birthdays are in May. All students enjoyed themselves on that day and get close with each other.

4月26日中午,社政学院外事办公室组织的同学们在文科楼1004共进午餐。Happy Buddy Plan鼓励中国学生和留学生之间多进行互动,相互学习,相互成长。这次午餐活动中,中国学生还给5月份生日的留学生过生日,献上自己的生日祝福。大家和自己的buddy一边吃午餐一边交流,增加了留学生和中国学生之间的友谊。



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