1、 On-Campus Dormitories: Foreign Students Dormitory

Fudan Foreign Student Dormitory is constituted by the Main building and the Supplementary building. Introduction to both buildings is as follows:

Main building :The main building located northwest of Fudan campus is a 23 storey building with totally 728 rooms, 582 single rooms and 146 double rooms respectively. There are 4 elevators in the main building (in the mid of north and south lobbies).The double rooms are from 1st floor to 14th floor.

Supplementary Building :The supplementary building is consisted of 9 identical units and the booking serial number in the system goes by Unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, unit 4, unit 5, unit 6, unit 7, unit 8, unit 9. Students who choose to move on the units of the supplementary building need to take the stairs since there are no elevators installed.


For more information: http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/house.htm

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2Off Campus: Tohee International Student Village

Tohee International Student Village is student accommodation designed to provide a secure and comfortable living environment for oversea students in shanghai.

Approximately 5 minutes walk to the campus of Fudan University. Convenience stores, restaurants and public transport are right at your doorstep.

For more information: http://www.tohee.com


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