Lively Orientation Week!

欢欢喜喜迎新周 Look what you made me do


A warm welcome starts at the airport. Our buddies helped students get to know and adapt to Shanghai with their kindness. Find where the dormitory is, Get a SIM card… First steps to survive!


( Don’t be jealous of Kathrin XD

 After the registration process and warm welcome meals, here’s three big events in the orientation week!

On Sep 4th, students from all programs took part in the campus tour. Under the guidance of local students, they walked around the campus. While enjoying the beautiful view, students became more familiar with the new environment and all facilities that will be encountered in the near future.

( Some pictures are suppose to be here :(

 After the campus tour was the exciting orienteering, which was also a good opportunity to mingle and make new friends. Students and buddies formed six teams and completed up to 10 missions within 2 hours, running, finding all the locations, shooting basketball, and of course, taking selfies! While completing all missions, students all learn to be cooperative and know more about Fudan campus to be better prepared for the upcoming semester.


well done bro!!!


 In the end team one, as the winner team, got a special reward. As sweet as the FAO is, everyone got their Fudan badge as a memento. Yea! But winning really doesn’t count. What’s going to last is the precious memory we have spent together.


Time for the group photo!

Having spent four days at campus, it’s time to explore the city! It was really nice to walk on the street in such cool weather. Students took the hop-on bus to went around. Shanghai museum, Xintiandi…Shanghai is such a fascinating city and there’s always more to be explored.


selfie on the hop-on bus. Thanks a lot filters!


A bite of Chinese food. It must be good judging from your look hahaha

 One week of orientation just went by without noticing. All students had lots of fun. And there’s more adventure waiting for them. New classes, new friends… Maybe there will be some bumps, but we are always here to help you out. Enjoy your new life at Fudan!

Look what you made me do, SSDPP, you made me at home and less uncertain about my life here!

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