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Lund University

Fudan-Lund Double Master Degree Program in Social Sciences

Fudan-Lund master exchange program




Lund University is located in the city of Lund, in the most Southern part of Sweden, called Skåne. This part of Sweden is very close to Copenhagen (Denmark), with only a short train ride across the bridge separating the two cities. The vicinity to Copenhagen and its international airport and train routes to the rest of Europe open up the European continent and the world to people living in Southern Sweden.

Lund University was founded in 1666. Over the centuries the university has grown and is now one of the leading institutions in research and education in Sweden and Northern Europe. Lund is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

The Social Sciences consist of a number of disciplines which strive to understand people and human relationships in terms of structures and systems. The Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University is active both in Lund and in Helsingborg. The faculty has eight departments and two units dedicated to education and research in the following areas: Development Studies, Education, Gender Studies, Geography, Geographical Information Systems Human Ecology, Human Geography, Media and Communication Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies Political Science, Psychology, Service Management, Social Anthropology, Social Work, Sociology Sociology of Law, Strategic Communication.




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