Marketing Placement in China

(The Chinese Marketplace: Globalization and Local Transformation)

 (Subject to change)


Course Objectives

Drawing upon an interdisciplinary approach, this course addresses several major themes focusing on the dynamics of China’s unprecedented socioeconomic transformations. Topics covered will include the implications of globalization for everyday life in the local contexts, the cultural dimensions of international business, and the rise of entrepreneurship and consumerism in contemporary China, etc. One important goal of this course is to provide a set of conceptual tools and a new perspective that will hopefully help you better describe and understand the social world around you. In learning this new perspective, I hope that you develop a critical, even “skeptical” view toward superficial explanations of take-for-granted practices by replacing your common sense understandings of interpersonal interactions with an uncommon sense about the links between individual experiences, structural forces and particular marketplaces.


We plan to use a variety of pedagogical techniques to help you learn course materials, including lecture, video, and ethnographic analysis. It is my hope that we can work together as a learning community to explore issues of general interests. Well-documented case studies and business ethnographies will be woven into in-class discussions of these major themes as a way of grounding theory in marketing practices. Course reading is arranged in weekly units around specific thematic issues. Discussions of the case study materials will be accompanied by presentations of the instructor’s research on a range of topics related to the application of anthropological/sociological methods of inquiry to business practices in different field settings.


Course Requirements

Students are expected to read all the listed materials and to be prepared to discuss them during the weekly meetings. The instructor is available in office hours and by appointment. Details on the content and grading standards for the writing assignments will be distributed and discussed in class. 


The THREE components of the grade are combined as follows:

Participation (attendance and in-class discussion)                     20%

First Fieldwork assignment: in-Class Presentation and final report 40%

Second  fieldwork assignment: in-class presentation and final report           40%

You will be provided several topics at the beginning of Oct and your final report and in-class presentation will be based on the one you choose. You are required to use a variety of ethnographic research methods, in-depth interviews, on-site observations, participant observations, shadowing for instances, in order to finish a complete project, form an appealing presentation and a final report.


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