Departments and Institues

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013

Founded in 2004, the School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP) is one of the most energetic and international schools in Fudan University.  The school has more...

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Chinese Society and Public Policy in English

Posted by on Mar 24, 2017

  PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION About a fifth of all the people in the world live in China. At the same time as China has the longest continuous culture surviving from ancient times,...

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Shanghai Studies

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013

Course Description Shanghai is one of the most powerful cities in China, in East Asia, and in the World. Its global stature is evident from the powerful architecture – a mix of...

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Farewell Friends and Hope to see you again!

Posted by on Dec 27, 2017

As New Year is approaching, the international classes and programs at SSDPP of the year are coming to an end in the middle of December. At this time of goodbye, the Foreign Affair...

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Visa & Residence Permit

 Application of China Visa: International students are required to apply for a China Visa at the China Embassy or Consulate in your own countries. The application requires the following documents: your valid passport, admission notice (the original copy) and JW202 Form (Visa application form for international students). (Subject to requirement of local...

Pre-Arrival Information

Pre-Arrival Information

Welcome to Fudan University Fudan University, founded in 1905, is one of the prestigious universities in China. It consists of 28 schools and departments, with 70 undergraduate disciplines. The University confers bachelor’s degrees in 70 academic disciplines, and master’s degrees in 229 disciplines, and doctoral degrees in 24 Level I and 154 Level...

Student Associations&Clubs

Student Associations&Clubs

  Extracurricular Activities FudanUniversity is host to a large number of student associations and clubs, ranging from arts to politics to athletics and outdoors activities. While direct membership into these clubs is restricted to degree students, most clubs welcome all students to participate in their activities and events.    The Associations...

Campus Life

Daily Life Student Life Preparing to come and arrival Visa & Residence...

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