Pharmacy and Clinics

Good health is necessary for your intensive study in Shanghai. If you happen to have cold, cough, upper respiratory infection, nausea, allergies, etc. you can get medicine in the pharmacies around campus. Pharmacies in Shanghai always have a green cross logo. A pharmacy is opposite the hospital near Tohee. A larger pharmacy is located in WandaPlaza, close to GuoDing Road.



A short list of “international clinics”

(1)Parkway Health Center (There are several Parkway Health Clinics around town.) 上海新瑞医疗中心

170 Danshui Road (near Xintiandi) 淡水路170号2,3楼,近新天地


Tel: 6445-5999



(2)Worldwide Medical Center at Huashan Hospital

(HuashanHospital is a teaching hospital of FudanUniversity)

12 Wulumuqi zhong lu, 8th Floor, near Changle Road 乌鲁木齐中路12号15楼,近长乐路

Open 8 am-10 pm

Tel: 6248-9999



A nearby excellent local Chinese choice, especially in an emergency:

(1)Changhai Hospital

800 Xiangyin Road

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