Phoning in China

There are two mobile communication service providers in China: 

(1)CMCC: China Mobile Communication Corporation 中国移动

Recommend for its bigger service scale and better quality.

Service hotline: 10086




(2)China Unicom: 中国联通 

Service hotline: 10000






How to make domestic long distance phone calls to a landline phone? 17951—0—area code—phone number

How to make domestic long distance calls to a cell phone? 17951—phone number

How to make international calls? 12593/17951—00—country code—area code—phone number

How to send international text messages? 00—country code—area code—phone number

How to check account balance? Text “YECX” to 10086 or call 10086

How to top-up?

To top-up a cell phone you need to buy a new top-up card(充值卡) usually valued at RMB 50 or 100. Double check with the vendor that it’s the right type of top-up card for your SIM card by telling him/her your phone number. There’re indications for top-up on the card.

Top-up phone number for CMCC SIM card: 13800138000

  1. Press “2” for English
  2. Press “2” for top-up minutes
  3. Enter the phone number that you want to top-up, ending with a “#”, press “1#” if you want to top-up your using number.
  4. Press “1” to confirm; press “2” to re-enter the phone number
  5. Enter the top-up card number, ending with a “#”
  6. Wait for the success prompt, and hang up the phone



  1. It is recommended to carry your cell phone when you top-up.
  2. Long-distance fees and roaming fee will be charged when your phone is used outside of Shanghai. Please make sure to charge it with plenty of money when you travel outside of Shanghai.

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