Pre-Arrival Information

Welcome to Fudan University

Fudan University, founded in 1905, is one of the prestigious universities in China. It consists of 28 schools and departments, with 70 undergraduate disciplines. The University confers bachelor’s degrees in 70 academic disciplines, and master’s degrees in 229 disciplines, and doctoral degrees in 24 Level I and 154 Level II academic disciplines. There are also 29 research stations that offer postdoctoral fellowships. Fudan now has an enrollment of 26,362 full-time degree candidates. Another 18,664 are studying at the schools of Continuing Education and Online Education. Besides, the University’s population of foreign students is 3,633 today.



Welcome to SSDPP

The School of Social Development & Public Policy (SSDPP) is a leading institution and the premier academic resource in the area of social development and public policy. The SSDPP comprises four departments, Department of Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, and Sociology Social Management and Social Policy, and one research institute, providing 3 bachelor’s degrees programs, 6 master’s degree programs, and 3 doctoral degree programs. Being internationally oriented, the school has established strategic partnerships with several top universities throughout the world, such as Boston University, Washington University in St. Louis, Lund University, Toronto University, Queen’s University, Trinity College, Davidson College, etc.




How to come to Fudan University

Address: No. 220 Handan Rd., Yangpu District, Shanghai.


(1)FromPudong International Airport to Fudan:

Take Airport Bus Line 4 and get off at Wujiaochang Station (五角场站) (around 20 RMB). Then take a taxi to Fudan (around 20RMB).

By taxi: around 200 RMB.

(2)FromHongqiao International Airport to Fudan:

Take Metro Line 10 and get off at Jiangwan Town Station (江湾镇站) (around 5 RMB). Then take a taxi to Fudan (around 20 RMB).

By taxi: around 100 RMB.

(3)From Shanghai Railway Station to Fudan:

Take Metro line 3 to Jiangwan Town Station (江湾镇站) and take a taxi, around 20RMB.

By taxi: around 40 RMB.




How to get to Tonghe International Student Village

Please find below address. You can how it to the taxi driver.

Address: Building 1, Lane 28, Wudong Rd, Yangpu District, Shanghai

1)FromPudong International Airport to Tonghe/ International Students Dormitory

Take Airport Bus Line 4, get off at Wujiaochang Station(五角场站), and then take a taxi, approx 20RMB.

By taxi: around 200 RMB.

(2)FromHongqiao Airport to Tonghe/ International Students Dormitory

By taxi: around 100 RMB.

(3)From Shanghai Railway Station to Tonghe/ International Students Dormitory

Take Metro line 3 to Jiangwan Town Station (江湾镇站) and take a taxi, around 20RMB.

By taxi: around 40 RMB.



China is one of the safest countries in the world. There is no particular need to worry about safety even at night, especially when you stay in the main road or the public. But always keep an eye on your belongings. Leave the important things such as passport and large amount of cash in your room unless necessary.

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Weather & Clothing

With a pleasant northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate, Shanghai enjoys four distinct seasons–generous sunshine and abundant rainfall. It starts the year shivering in midwinter, when temperatures can drop below freezing and the vistas are gray and misty. Spring brings warmth; April to Mid-May is probably one of the best times to visit here, along with autumn (late September to Mid-November). In summer the hot and humid weather makes conditions outside uncomfortable, with temperatures sometimes as high as 38°c in July and August.

Long Pants with long sleeves T-Shirt or a thin jacket are appropriate to wear in spring and autumn. Long johns and down jackets are needed in winter. Short sleeves T-shirt, shorts or skirt are suitable in summer.

You may check the link below to see the weather before coming here.




(1) Currency

The Chinese money, RMB, is called “ren min bi” in Chinese (people’s money). Yuan (Locals often refer to the Yuan as Kuai) is the basic unit of RMB. 10 Mao (or Jiao) = 1 Yuan. The exchange rate of RMB (¥) is approximately 1USD =6.23RMB, 1Euro=7.94RMB, 1GBP=9.92RMB.


(2) Currency Exchange &Cheques

Currency exchange service is available at airport money office and branches of Bank of China (BC), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and most of other banks in the city. Keep a change of 2,000 with you before come to China is highly recommended. Please note that not all foreign personal, travelers’ or international cheques are accepted by China’s banks.

(3) ATM

ATMs can be found in almost everywhere in the city and on Fudan’s main campus. The maximum amount of daily withdraws in the ATM varies from bank to bank. Ranging from RMB 2,500~10,000.


More information—Bank sites:

Bank of China:

Agricultural Bank of China:

China Construction Bank:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:




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