Book Stores

On Handan Campus:

(1)Study-fellows Bookstore:
No.7 to No. 9

(2)Maomao Bookstore:

(3)Auspicious Cloud Bookstore:

(4)Learner’s Bookstore:
No.37 to No.39


On the street in front of the north gate of the North Campus:

(1)Triple-taste Book House and Guofeng Bookstore:
Tel: 55664058;

(2)Enlightening Book Club: Tel: 65643675

Around Handan Campus:

(1)Jingshi Book Company (the official book seller of Fudan University Press):
No.579, Guoquan Road
E-mail:; ID on Fudan BBS: jingshi; tel: 65642857
If you are a member of Fudan Jingshi Book Club, you can enjoy discounts in the book company.

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Other bookstores:

(1)Yangpu Science & Technology Bookstore:
on the 2nd floor of No.55, Zhengsu Road; Tel: 65112903

(2)Chengzhang Bookstore for Examinations:
No.587, Guoquan Road; Tel: 65104538

(3)University Town Bookstore:
near Guoding Road Bridge

(4)Shanghai New Art and Literature Book Company:
No.340, Guoquan Road; No.280, Guonian Road

(5)Shengle Bookstore:
No.370, Guoding Road (Tel: 55521408); No.525, Guoquan Road (Tel: 65108682)

(6)Shunqing Bookstore:
No.300, Guonian Road

(7)Zuo’an Bookstore:
near the crossroads of Guoquan Road and Zhengsu Road

(8)Xinping Bookstore:
No.7, Lane 275, Guonian Road; Tel: 65643928

(9)Discounts Bookstore:
No.280, Guonian Road; Tel: 65640943

(10)Luming Bookstore:
No.334, Guoquan Road; Tel: 65647139


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