SSDPP at a Glance

The School of Social Development & Pubic Policy (SSDPP) is a newly-established institution at Fudan University, with the objective to serve as a leading institution and the premier academic resource in the area of social development and public policy.


The SSDPP comprises four departments and one research institute. Additionally, the SSDPP houses other academic and research centers. Combining intellectual diversity with a wide variety of research methods, the SSDPP offers a broad array of disciplines and cross-disciplinary studies, providing three bachelor’s degree programs, six master’s degree programs, and three doctoral degree programs. After a recent period of significant growth, the SSDPP owns an elite faculty of over fifty full-time faculty and staff members, including thirty-five professors. Being internationally oriented, the school has established strategic partnerships with several top universities throughout the world.


Academic Departments

Department of Sociology

Department of Social Work

Department of Psychology

Department of Social Management and Social Policy

Institute of Population Research


Research centers ( university-level)

Harvard-Fudan Medical Anthropology Collaborative Research Center

The Center of Social Development

The Center for Women Studies

The Center for Social Cultural Anthropology Studies

The Center for Psychology Studies

The Center for Urban and Regional Development Studies

The Shanghai Center of Labor Relation Studies.

The Research Center of Energy Policy

Kyushu-Shanghai Development Research Centre

City Public Safety Research Center

Shanghai Social Work Research Centre

Psychoanalysis and Chinese Culture Research Center

China Rural Developme Research Center


Undergraduate Programs

B.Laws in Sociology

B.Laws in Social Work

B.S. in Psychology


Master Programs (M.S.)

Applied Sociology



Population, Resources & Environmental Economics

Social Security

Applied Psychology


Certified Program

Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)


Doctoral Program (Ph.D)

Sociological Theory and Social Structure

Anthropology and Community Studies

Population and Social Development

Culture and Society

Social Work and Social Policy

Social Psychology and Social Cognition

Population, Resources & Environmental Economics

Social Management and Social Policy


Post-Doctoral Program

Post-Doctoral Station


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