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Extracurricular Activities

FudanUniversity is host to a large number of student associations and clubs, ranging from arts to politics to athletics and outdoors activities.

While direct membership into these clubs is restricted to degree students, most clubs welcome all students to participate in their activities and events.


 The Associations and clubs :

  1. Volleyball Association 复旦无限排球协会(five-star club)
  2. Fudan Soccer Association 足球协会
  3. Fudan Tennis Association 复旦大学网球协会
  4. Running Club 跑步爱好者协会
  5. Fudan Orienteering Club 复旦大学定向越野协会
  6. Ultimate Frisbee Club 极限飞盘协会
  7. Golf Association of Fudan University 复旦大学高尔夫协会
  8. Fudan Billiards Assiciation 复旦桌球协会
  9. Mei Hua Zhuang Martial Arts Association 梅花桩武术协会
  10. Martial Arts Club 武术协会 (Train Taekwondo and free boxing)
  11. Fudan Kendo Club 复旦大学剑道协会
  12. Chinese Chess Association 中国象棋协会
  13. Weiqi (The Game of Go) Association 围棋社
  14. Computer Games Club 电竞社 (Dota/CS/SC2/PES)
  15. Modern Dance FDANSO 现代舞协
  16. Ballroom Dancing Club国标舞协
  17. Shao Long Kongfu Club 复旦少龙 (Train Wing Chun and Chinese Fencing.)

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