Transportation cards (jiaotongka 交通卡) can be used in taxis, buses, and subways. You can add money onto your cards in almost every subway station.






Biking is still very popular in China. They are not expensive if you intend to use it for a whole semester, and it may be wise to invest in buying one. Usually a basic bike costs 300-400 RMB including two locks and a basket.


There are several bike shops near Tohee International Student Center. One is near the bridge and close to the Banana Bar; there’s another on Siping Road at the corner of GuoDing Road. Walk into the shop and request to look at bicycles that cost around ¥300-400. They will then show you several bikes at that price. Then you pick one you like from them and try riding it for a short distance. Once you decide which bike you
want, you can ask the store clerks to add a basket and a lock, usually one circle lock on the back and one chain lock in front. Locks have different prices based on quality.







Taxis are plentiful but it’s rare to find a taxi driver who speaks English. Please make sure you know your destination in Chinese before you get in the taxi. You can have the Tohee front desk staff translate your destination into Chinese characters. Chinese rely less on street address numbers and more on cross streets.  Whenever possible, find out the cross street for your destination. Giving an address with its cross street is common practice in Shanghai.

The flag-down fare of Shanghai taxi is 14 RMB (for 3 kilometers) and for each additional kilometer the fare is 2.4 RMB. Between 23:00 (including 23:00) on the same day and 5:00 (including 5:00) on the next day, the flag-down fare and fare for each additional kilometer rise 30% up. All taxis are metered and most taxi drivers are honest. You do NOT need to tip a taxi driver (or anyone else in China). Always bring the Tohee address card with you until you are comfortable speaking and writing your home address.

Tips: Taxi Reservation Telephone Numbers of Main Taxi Companies:

Taxi: 96822



Taxi: 6258000


Taxi 96961







Buses run frequently, everywhere, and are cheap (2 RMB/ride). However, they are not the quickest way to travel. You need to research your destination and remember where to transfer when using buses. Transport maps that show bus routes are easily bought around the city. You can use your transportation cards to pay bus fares.




The Shanghai subway system is clean, swift, punctual, and easy to use. The subway will take you to most places you would like to see in Shanghai. There is a Shanghai subway map in this handbook. You can use your transportation card or you can buy a ticket at the automatic counter for 3-10 RMB depending on your destination. Subway stops are announced in both Chinese and English. And please be attention to the first and last metro of each line.

For a great interactive subway map in English and Chinese, including times between stations and more, see:






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