Visa & Residence Permit

 Application of China Visa:

International students are required to apply for a China Visa at the China Embassy or Consulate in your own countries. The application requires the following documents: your valid passport, admission notice (the original copy) and JW202 Form (Visa application form for international students).

(Subject to requirement of local Consulate)

* Please do not misuse student visa on other purpose such as travelling.


 Qualified Student Visa types:

F visa with 1 entry valid for 180/ 150/ 120 days [RECOMMENDED]: this visa will be valid for 180/150/120 days after your entry into Mainland China.

If you apply to do exchanges at Fudan for one semester, with such a visa you should be very careful to make travel plans outside of China or to China Hongkong, Maocao and Taiwan, because you have only one entry into Mainland China and you’ve used it up after you arrive at Fudan.

X visa with 1 entry valid for 30 days: Students who intend to study in China for more than one semester are required to possess a “Study Visa” (Visa “X”) when you enter China. The validation period of the “Study Visa” is 30 days after your entry into Mainland China. Students who possess the Study Visa must apply for a “Residence Permit” within 30 days after entry. With Residence Permit, students will have multi-entries in and out of Mainland China.

Before receiving the passport and China Visa, please ensure that the embassy returns your admission notice and JW202 form to you. These are important documents you need to submit to the Exit-Entry Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau if you apply for your residence permit after you enter China.


In Home country

In the admission package from FudanUniversity you will have Visa Application Form for International Student (JW202 Form) White sheet and Yellow sheet.

White sheet is used for visa application and please ask JW202 white sheet back from visa officer after finishing visa application interview. Please keep the yellow sheet well with you too.


After your entry into China

Please kindly notice that X visa will only be valid for 30 days after your entry into China and you should change it into residence permit in time. In our program, students must inform program coordinator of your visa type and expiration date once you enter China.


 Residence Permit

Residence Permit valid for 180/360 days ect.

You can only apply for the Residence Permit after you have completed the University Admission Procedures. Hence, we advise students not to enter China much earlier than scheduled registration date; otherwise you will stay illegally when your X visa is expired before you get Residence Permit.


1 For application,

you can go to Exit-Entry Bureau of Shanghai Public Security Bureau will receive your application for visa and residence permit.

Address: 1500 Min Sheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai (Near Metro Line 2 Shanghai Science Museum Stop)

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00-11:30 13:30-16:30

Contact Number: 86-21-2895-1900


2       Documents needed

Apply for the Residence Permit after you have completed the University Admission Procedures and physical examination. Please prepare the following documents:

1)   Your Passport

2)   Admission Notice

3)   JW202 Visa Application Form

4)    Physical examination or verification report (provided by Shanghai Exit-Entry Hygiene & Quarantine Bureau, InternationalTravel & SanitationCenter).

5)    The Introduction Letter for Foreign Students (Provided by International Students Office).

6)    1 passport-size photos (2-inch)

7)    Residence Permit Application Fee (400 RMB for validation period within one year, service fee is 30 RMB if you process the residence permit on campus.)

8)    Registration form of temporary residence.

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