Washington University in St. Louis MedPrep Program

Washington University in St. Louis offers a program tailored for undergraduate students with strong performance in BCPM courses (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math) interested in global health and international health care delivery – the Global MedPrep Scholars Program. In this program students have the opportunity to spend the fall semester of their sophomore, junior, or senior year in Shanghai, China’s largest city and one of the world’s greatest cultural and financial centers.


Through an international cultural exchange with Fudan University, one of China’s premier universities, Washington University prehealth students now have the opportunity to experience firsthand the unique history and culture of one of the world’s most beautiful countries while engaging in a structured academic curriculum. This curriculum has been designed to give prehealth students a unique experience and set of skills that will strengthen their cultural competence while allowing them to see how medicine is practiced in another part of the world.


For more information, see http://pages.wustl.edu/medprep/global-medprep-scholars-program.



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