Welcome to SSDPP Home-Abroad Mentor Program!

Want to make friends with international students?

Want to practice English with native speakers?

Want to explore Shanghai and Fudan adjacent for free?

Join us,

In SSDPP Home-Abroad Mentor Program!!


SSDPP Home-Abroad Mentor Program offers you the unique opportunity to be acquainted with, to hang out and to remain a life-long friendship with SSDPP international students, on and beyond Fudan campus. The world is so big and it is all coming to you! Students who display extraordinary performances in SSDPP Home-Abroad Mentor Program activities, are likely to yield advantage in the SSDPP exchange program selection.


SSDPP Home-Abroad Mentor Program operates in a membership fashion. Send us your name, gender, mobile number, student number, major, and an over-500-words personal statement to facssdpp@fudan.edu.cn with the subject “SSDPP Home-Abroad Mentor Program + your name”  to be a member!


We shall send you the first-hand information of where and when to social with SSDPP international students and keep beat of the latest trend in Shanghai city. We need you as part of the puzzle of the big SSDPP family!

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