Wonderful April

One can never resist the temptation of cuisine, especially in a new country. On April 7,FAO SSDPP organized a mid-term dinner for international students to try a new way of eating: hotpot.



A French student tried to learn the skill of making noodles in an unusual way.


Also the most popular dance “little apple”.


Two international students’ birthday was around the corner or just passed. SSDPP prepared a little surprise for them.




We were all enjoying the meal and laughed while we were eating.


The next day, cuisine tour continued. On April 8, the Foreign Affairs Office of SSDPP and the Student Union cooperated to initiate a food orientation. International students and Chinese students grouped together to exploring the most delicious local delicacies all around the city.



Chinese students guided the way and also introduced different kind of classic Shanghainese delicacies to international students.


They took selfie to show that they had finish the task.


The American boy brought back the “kaikouxiao”, a kind of traditional snack made by Chinese date and fried buns, as the most typical Shanghainese food.


After the crazy morning they went back to Fudan University, feeling excited and satisfied. Students got acquainted with each other through the team work.





In the sudden summer, SSDPP organized a trip to Suzhou on April 15. International and exchange students passionately participated. What’s more, new members joined the journey, too.

Guess who?


The 2015 and 2016 MAP(Master of Applied Psychology) students.

SSDPP divided students into two groups, each containing foreign students and Chinese students.

The first activity in Suzhou was cruising on the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. In the sun we enjoyed the scenery and breeze.


The next scenic spot was Tiger Hill (Huqiu), one of the national 5A tourist attractions. Flowers bloomed everywhere. Zigzag trails extended around the hill.

Following the tour guide, we got to know stories about the pond with swords, emperors in Qing dynasty and so on. International students had a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Chinese students were also interested in the funny anecdotes.


Souvenirs attracted their attentions very much.


One of the international students proudly showed what she bought on the road back to the bus.

The pleasant trip ended at dusk. Students acquainted each other after one day’s travel.

SSDPP will continue to plan various activities to promote friendship between Chinese students and foreign students.




Tours alone are not enough for exploring a country. The traditional culture activities should also be included. On April 21, SSDPP organized a calligraphy course for the international students. Mr. Liao introduced the Calligraphy as traditional Chinese culture and taught them how to write with Brush Pen.

Students appreciated the teacher’s model very much. They studied hard and also quickly.



At last they held their artworks. The teacher encouraged them to keep practicing in the future. SSDPP also gave out new Brush Pen to students as souvenirs.


A wonderful April is nearly at its end. Let’s hope we will have a more amazing May!




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